Fire Sound, 2 students (Tomah & Jeram) living in Tournai / Doornik. Through friends they discovered and began to appreciate 7'' and 12” Record'. And soon after, they began to buy their first 7’’ and 12” Records. 

At the time there was no project in mind, until two turntables and a mixer were bought in 2010. Since then, their 7'' and 12'' collections have been slowly but surely getting larger.
The only thing we seek to promote, are the good vibes of Reggae Music.

At the end of 2009, Fire Sound introduced the” LEGALIZIK" concept (Live + Sound System). Which so far have run to 6 sessions of Fire Sound also started organizing a "Soundclash": "Reggae Soundclash: No War More Vibes" of which "Heartbeat Movement" was Champion Sound. 
Subsequently, Legalizik concepts gave way to : 

  • "AIR JAMAICA" (Only Sound System) 

These two concepts were managed / organized in collaboration with "Irie Nation". 

With Ludo, FIRE SOUND successfully promoted the vyb'z and organized these events. 
BIG UP to him. 

Fire Sound is now located in Tournai (Belgium) and nothing can't stop this highly motivated sound. 

FIRE SOUND will not give up the fight and will continue to MASH UP everything. Bless’up